We believe in sourcing from the best, so we teamed up with two local Nashville local legends for our coffee and tea needs. We provide coffee from Bongo Java Roasting Co. to ensure that our coffee is 100% ORGANIC, fair trade, ethically sourced, and locally roasted. In addition, their blends and specialty coffees offer a wide range of impeccable flavor so we can continue to provide you with the quality of finished product you expect.

For our tea needs, we teamed up with High Garden to procure the world’s finest teas. High Garden sources always ORGANIC, ethically wildcrafted, or naturally grown herbs and teas. They hand blend every single small batch that comes to you to make sure it looks, feels, smells, and radiates its exact intended note. Each tea is from small gardens using ancient growing, harvesting, and preparation techniques. No chemicals, no flavorings - simply leaves rich with flavor from the healthy soil and region from which they came.

*coffee and tea are only available at our 505 location