Dietitian Developed + Athlete Approved | Introducing the 'BC Bowl'


The BC Bowl

We believe in creating the most nutritionally impactful foods for the betterment of our community. In response to a common question we receive - "What would you recommend post-workout?" - we set out to create the perfect superfood bowl to replenish the body after building up a sweat.

We met up with our friends at BOOTHCAMP, as they know a thing or two about fueling the body for maximum performance. After trying the bowl, the BC team decided to throw the ultimate stamp of approval on it - thus, the BC Bowl was born.

We love that the BC Bowl is a complete package in terms of post-workout recovery. It provides the right amount of protein for muscle synthesis and quality carbohydrates for glycogen restoration. Adding in the beets and dark cherries serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory source that doubles up to draw away any soreness you may experience with our challenging BC workouts - also great brain superfoods too! The BC Bowl is packed with anti-oxidants and immune-boosting ingredients - we keep the BC Bowls on reserve!
— The BC Team

The Details

With ~30 grams of protein, a healthy portion of anti-oxidant laden carbohydrates, and an excellent dose of fiber, the BC bowl is the perfect post-workout fuel that will keep you full and help your muscles recover faster. 

What's Inside

coconut milk | pitaya | banana | dark cherry | strawberry | almond Butter | pea protein | flax Seed | cinnamon | beet powder

What's on Top

chia seeds | local granola | sliced banana | hemp Seeds | peanut butter | local honey | cashews

Shawn Booth (@shawn_booth18), Jordan Peters (@buzzpeters), and Carmen Morgan (@mytrainercarmen) from the BOOTHCAMP team.

We work our BC Team hard throughout the week, so they deserve a nutritional, delicious treat afterwards. The BC Bowl hits all areas an athlete requires for post-workout nutrition, and the red base matches our BC branding perfectly!

BOOTHCAMP is a studio gym in downtown Nashville that is focused on Team-based training. Experience an all-encompassing workout designed for strength and athletic training, including HIIT workouts, mobility and decompression, conditioning, and form-specific classes to target safe movement. No workout is the same - we keep our workouts fresh, exciting, and energized to keep our athletes wanting more! TEAM on 3, Nashville!

Author: Robbie Nowinski, Registered Dietitian and founder of E+ROSE Wellness

*These are general recommendations. For individualized recommendations, consult a dietitian.

Robbie Nowinski